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Jungle Lion @ Mosborough Music Festival
on Saturday June 2nd
10.45 am - 11pm

Old Westfield School Site, Westfield Cresent


S20 5AQ

Every year we're more excited to play at Mosborough Music Festival, once again there's a stellar lineup of amazing music, plus loads of other attractions - too much to reproduce here, visit their website at
for full details.
Prices vary, kids of 8 years and under can go FREE, kids aged 9-15 cost £8, and there are different adult tickets available, have a look on the website to see what's available.
The whole thing kicks off at 10.45am, we'll be on at some point in the afternoon, my advice is to get there early and enjoy the whole day!

Prices vary, check website

10.45 am - 11pm

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